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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
*holds up AR w/ "FACTS" written on the side* *slaps in mag w/ "LOGIC" on it*   06/25/20  (2)
Why are FBI write-ups/FD-302 forms considered 'evidence' of any sort?   06/25/20  (1)
Mr. Lahey was modeled on Bones from Star Trek   06/25/20  (3)
STOP MASTURBATING   06/25/20  (3)
why are guys in their 30s getting ED   06/25/20  (4)
As Astra the best film of the decade   06/25/20  (11)
Muslim students essay to Stanford was just “go back to Israel” over and over   06/25/20  (7)
Biden DOJ can re-charge Flynn, no double jeopardy has attached   06/25/20  (41)
Just got rejected by a tranny I found on Seeking Arrangments   06/25/20  (20)
Libs think "diversity" is the answer to everything   06/25/20  (10)
All I want is to squat and bench   06/25/20  (3)
early 30mos that use Cialis or Viagra GET ITT   06/25/20  (30)
LS buddy makes $2k a week part time selling wills and LLC docs on Onlyfans   06/25/20  (2)
theres a computer virus that makes the user instantaneously autofellate   06/25/20  (1)
Black Trans Lives Matter just a way to sneak pride in during COVID restrictions   06/25/20  (3)
PeterNorth - have you considered using your mugshot for Christmas cards?   06/25/20  (5)
Fatality rate for this virus is 18%. not Alex Jones flame   06/25/20  (12)
It was really disappointing to hear Tucker say "H-V-A-C" instead of "h-vac"   06/25/20  (2)
should i rent this apt   06/25/20  (1)
peternorth - do u think ur a legal expert bc of all the crimes u committed?   06/25/20  (1)
Still LOL'ing at PN's mugshot   06/25/20  (28)
Judge can and should hold Flynn in contempt of Court for perjury   06/25/20  (5)
Tucker laughing it up about gap-toothed poors wearing MAGA hats at home   06/25/20  (1)
Food Trivia XO Gooks: Why Do They Make/Market "Vegetarian Hoisin Sauce"?   06/25/20  (27)
Cuckold poster back again taking Qs, currently have a good match on Tinder   06/25/20  (45)
Kelsey Grammar & Michelle Malkin's hardcore nationalist 2024 POTUS/VPOTUS ticket   06/25/20  (1)
last time you were kicked out of a bar / restaurant or refused entry?   06/25/20  (7)
Reagan becoming potus was like if who became potus from today? Bruce Willis mayb   06/25/20  (5)
"and that's why Flynn is toast" 'Uh uh.. is there a manager I could speak to?'   06/25/20  (1)
wasDie Hard Q: was McClane supposed to know who Hans was when they first met   06/25/20  (1)
HD TVs have ruined the pro wrestling viewing experience   06/25/20  (4)
Workin’ on this ol’ girl fer I reckon couple months now. *Slaps roof of RBL*   06/25/20  (1)
Halford: who has swallowed more poz nigger cum? Benzo or EPAH?   06/25/20  (10)
LGBTQP   06/25/20  (2)
rach, where's the sticky in support of BLM?   06/25/20  (2)
Woman tries to kill baby because mother not social distancing (link)   06/24/20  (4)
Philando Castile v. George Floyd   06/24/20  (24)
Inexperienced porn actor drops a gallon of splooge on porn chick   06/24/20  (2)
who the fuck is "flynn" and why have shitlibs been poasting about him for 5 year   06/24/20  (5)
Just shot a crossbow through a homegrown pablano   06/24/20  (13)
Marty McFly time traveling to 1990   06/24/20  (3)
Ad Astra is like the perfect Father's Day movie for libs   06/24/20  (8)
HBOs Succession is actually pretty fucking good.   06/24/20  (17)
my last lob friend thread went over everyone's head   06/24/20  (4)
This Adam Carolla quote on Kimmel's blackface is what libs cannot explain   06/24/20  (18)
Can’t stop refreshing USPS tracker to see if my DEMAND LETTERs been delivered   06/24/20  (37)
This Anthony Crolla quote on Russell Jrs. blackface is what libs cannot explain   06/24/20  (1)
bouncer tried to kick me out, I screamed that I was a name brand poaster   06/24/20  (2)
The goal w/ COVID was always to prevent deaths, not just "flatten the curve"   06/24/20  (5)
Is parler good? What other platforms could trump leave Twitter for?   06/24/20  (1)
EXPLOSIVE accusations of racism leveled by Gordon against Mr. Noodle   06/24/20  (2)
Petition for name brand posters: We will no longer engage pumos in dialogue.   06/24/20  (3)
how do i get people to give me money   06/24/20  (19)
I’m gonna start a YouTube channel where I review movies   06/24/20  (3)
Went out last night for the first time in a few days   06/24/20  (63)
White non-HS grads score HIGHER on 'science test' than Black college grads (DM)   06/24/20  (198)
Peterman why don't you cop dat ru58841   06/24/20  (10)
it's creepy that people w/out internal monologue are walking around, blending in   06/24/20  (7)
mind blowing how many mainstream libs will go along w this insanity   06/24/20  (1)
Trivia Q: what was the first JRPG game released on the PS1?   06/24/20  (11)
Told my wife her pussy was trash   06/24/20  (10)
In honor of America's veterans, I am giving herpes (Mr. Jinx)   06/24/20  (3)
Anyone play Chronicles of Aidyn for N64?   06/24/20  (1)
daaaayyyyyyyumnnn that nigga got COMPUTER   06/24/20  (3)
IH8LIBS vnanity plate Cr?   06/24/20  (1)
what do people here think of Dugin   06/24/20  (3)
smiling around men & frowning around women   06/24/20  (6)
11/11   06/24/20  (2)
I didn't know whok was bald   06/24/20  (6)
"After I pass out, i want you to rape me." -- Mr. Jinx   06/24/20  (12)
This polyglot girl's German is amazingly good - video   06/24/20  (7)
Should I allow insurer to disclose policy limits?   06/24/20  (15)
why is Saturn more beloved than Jupiter? Is it because Saturn has rings?   06/24/20  (36)
Whok taking it up the ass from Jinx big dick   06/24/20  (1)
Time for Hummingbird Hawk Moth poasts to make a comeback   06/24/20  (4)
dildoing my huge pussy as we speak   06/24/20  (1)
this is what degenerate minority Trumpmos look like   06/24/20  (1)
my iq is 700   06/24/20  (3)
"liberal" insanity will backfire   06/24/20  (7)
Halford resting his flacid cock on doobs's snout for discipline training.   06/24/20  (165)
anyone use RU5881?   06/24/20  (19)
Individual describes guilt in NYT over calling police on armed robbers   06/24/20  (108)
Was Tucker Max ever a poaster?   06/24/20  (10)
fatter today than i ever have been in my entire life   06/24/20  (8)
Engineers. Family men.   06/24/20  (4)
Eric Weinstein about to get cancelled   06/24/20  (16)
What is the POTUS Ben & Jerry's flavor?   06/24/20  (6)
*cuckold flicking boner in waistband as roofer gives wife absurdly high quote   06/24/20  (7)
Danielle Cohn   06/24/20  (1)
henry aaron wearing nurses scrubs with eggplant emojis ???   06/24/20  (25)
Can’t wait for pencil to get raped by blm protestors   06/24/20  (4)
Blm using literal nooses to tear statues down   06/24/20  (2)
TOP GUN 2 coming out this Friday YNY!   06/24/20  (4)
I was four years old when back to the future was released   06/24/20  (1)
When Tony Soprano met Noah the Black Jew   06/24/20  (65)
Is there even one single noose example that was traced back to racist white man?   06/24/20  (5)
i dont take pride in many things, but i do in shitting up xo w my poasts   06/24/20  (1)
states with highest increase in covid: Texas, Florida, Georgia, SC, Arizona   06/24/20  (1)
Dugin   06/24/20  (3)
The DEFINTIVE List of NYUUG Predictions ITT:   06/24/20  (65)
Bricklayer gets hit by lightning, falls down exposed chimney shaft (vid)   06/24/20  (2)
describe times you produced a scholarship   06/24/20  (4)
   06/24/20  (38)
Writing a book about the history of race relations in America   06/24/20  (2)
HOW MANY DO YOU GET RIGHT on this IQ TEST out of 33   06/24/20  (3)
UT Southwestern sounds alarm on COVID-19 surging in Dallas-Fort Worth   06/24/20  (2)
WaPo: "Toppling monuments is a global movement. And it works."   06/24/20  (4)
luis, decked out in full riot gear, flips on megaphone: "i'm gay"   06/24/20  (12)
Halo Top- a diet ice cream, now running ads featuring morbidly obese women   06/24/20  (2)
Michael j fox is only 5 ft Tall?   06/24/20  (2)
*holds up picture of crippled luis at police brutality rally*   06/24/20  (11)
MPA did you know Anthrax and Buckethead did the soundtrack for "Ghosts of Mars"   06/24/20  (4)
13 Reasons Why, but its luis describing various exercises leading to back injury   06/24/20  (7)
luis waving BLM t-shirt out his Volt's window like the scene in Hotel Rwanda   06/24/20  (8)
110 IQ lob friend going on and on about The Shellfish Gene   06/24/20  (13)
if you're north atlantid you can still pass as "exotic" arabic or mediterranean   06/24/20  (4)
Guy in first world country, president hasn't been impeached, sup   06/24/20  (15)
In 15 years first world countries are going to look like the Mad Max movies.   06/24/20  (12)
jr FBI agent brings up lead on a kidnapping- "STFU, we do fake hate crimes now"   06/24/20  (1)
Leiter on Bubba Wallace investigation: "That's knot scholarship!"   06/24/20  (18)
Cons staring at completely destroyed country: "Lol this will backfire on libs"   06/24/20  (53)
Lib Pollsters: Trumpos are even more terrified this election cycle of saying   06/24/20  (2)
Greeks Topple Poseidon of Melos, Rebuking Trump And White Supremacy   06/24/20  (1)
lab friend hates right wing dog whistles   06/24/20  (5)
Lib taking an inkblot test: "Noose...Noose...Noose...Sw
   06/24/20  (8)
honestly whites deserve what they get for being such pussy cucks   06/24/20  (5)
eat mud fag dick   06/24/20  (2)
touch my dick n shit faggot   06/24/20  (15)
Gone With the Wind is BACK on HBO, but with disclaimer warning (link)   06/24/20  (3)
sleepy time (gabapentin and 7 benadryl lmao)   06/24/20  (2)
Ariana Grande is really hot i'd like to fuck her now please.   06/24/20  (13)
removing teddy roosevelt statue is way too far   06/24/20  (2)
"Ad Astra" is an allegory about neutralizing boomer menace   06/24/20  (13)
Spoiler Alert: in Ad Astra, Brad Pitt is propelled back to Earth from Neptune by   06/24/20  (8)
I find it fascinating how revolting modern architecture is   06/24/20  (6)
TRUMP +14 in latest poll   06/24/20  (8)
and featuring Robert Michael Iler as "North Atlantid"   06/24/20  (1)
*weary FBI agent staring at wall w/ 400 muslim photos connected by yarn*   06/24/20  (62)
Unfortunately we're not going to see a Chinese-like Cultural Revolution   06/24/20  (34)
chilmata got into an argument with a cashier on the way back to his home planet   06/24/20  (1)
This Eric Andre Netflix thing sets off a google home thing for porta potties   06/24/20  (1)
white boi getting into kid cudi hardcore   06/24/20  (2)
why does everyone love “Ricky” all of a sudden   06/24/20  (13)
is there anything worse than faux outrage   06/24/20  (8)
was just thinking abt scholarship   06/24/20  (7)

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